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Why you should be making use of Virtual Recruiter Today!

Make use of our online CV wizard to create your CV within a matter of minutes for Free

Showcase who you are, what you can do and why the market should take you seriously

Send a targeted CV/resume to recruiters

Recruiters and companies will read your CV as it will be targeted into their Industry

Add a Video Resume to your profile and let the market see who you are

The virtual recruiter system for Jobseeker delivers the best value to our clients therefore we are confident of great success results for our Jobseekers

By adding certification to your CV that you will be sending you will definitely be noticed and stand out of the crowd. Why you may ask? Simply due to the fact that you are showing commitment to the recruitment process, as well as showing the utmost professionalism

By completing our standard 10 Question section you are in effect being your own "Silent Salesman" you are selling yourself by answering these question accurately and effectively

You are selling yourself before they even see you, in fact all the other potential candidates that have only sent a CV for the Job will simply look ordinary compared to you. That is what V-Report wants for you and that is why you should obtain certification and make use of virtual recruiter