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If you are reading this then you are no doubt a go-getter and an achiever. You want the best out of life and your career and will guaranteed one day reach your goal.1


Well for you it starts right here today!


V-Report can help you to achieve your goals, with over twenty years experience in the recruitment industry the management of V-Report have seen it all, heard it all and unfortunately seen many a jobseeker fail. Today that stops. V-Report is here to help you get noticed by recruitment agencies and companies alike and effectively "Stay Ahead of the Pack" V-Report offers you for the first time in South Africa the opportunity to obtain CV certification. You will have access to your very own profile page with access to your certification that you can provide to potential employers and recruitment agencies. You will be able to add verifications to your profile at anytime and increase your profile ranking. Never again will anyone be able to question your CV and you will guaranteed be noticed by the market.

Recruitment Agencies and Companies will be able to search our database and verify your certification as well. Start climbing the career ladder now and get your certification done today.


"Do Not Gamble with Your Career"