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  • Record from webcam

    This Feature allows the user to record a video mail directly from their webcam. After finishing the recording the user can play the message back prior to emailing it.

  • Recording time limit

    The Recording time limit is 10 minutes.

  • Specify Self-Destruct Time Period

    This Feature allows the user to set a self destruct time of x days or x views.

  • Maximum storage time per file

    The Maximum time is 365 days, and the minimum time is 1 Day (or 1 view). If the user has not selected a self destruct date the video mail will be auto-deleted in 30 days.

  • Send email from our server

    This Feature allows the user to send their video mail to anyone they wish, with no attachments, no cut and paste, and no extra effort required. Multiple video email addresses are separated with commas.

  • Copy self and read notification

    Users have the choice to copy their own email address on the video mail, and to mark if they want read notification. If the user chooses to be notified they will receive an email every time their video is viewed.

  • Send Confirmation

    The user will receive a confirmation email every time they send a video mail.

  • Retraction Option

    Should you decide to retract a video email after it has been sent, click on the delete link in the Send Confirmation email. This will immediately delete the video.