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Procure Assist

What is Procure Assist?

Procure Assist Procure Assist is a system where we verify and maintain all your procurement information and documentation so that when you are required to supply this information for a tender or preferred supplier application you have your Procure Assist certification on hand as well as having it searchable via the V-Report platform by any other company. Keep your company in good standing at all times.

What we do for you.

Procure Assist has a 12 point rating system which all companies are rated against to obtain your companies score and a then an applicable supplier level is applied. This is done by you working with us and supplying us with Information and documentation which our team then vets and verifies for you, upon completion we issue you with certification. Working with Procure Assist will allow you to be at the top of your game when such information is requested from you.


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