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Virtual Recruiter

What is Virtual Recruiter for the Jobseeker


  • Virtual Recruiter is a FREE CV/Resume distribution service for the Jobseeker
  • Send your CV/Resume to a select few clients or to our entire list of recruiters and companies


Why you should use Virtual Recruiter


  • Send your CV/Resume to targeted clients, no longer just blanket send it to agencies and never hear from them ever
  • Couple some form of V-Report Certification to your CV/Resume when sending it out to targeted clients and your CV/Resume will guaranteed be received more keenly by the client.
  • No other company in South African offers these options to the Jobseeker
  • Our client base is growing on a daily basis as the market realises that "Virtual Recruiter" is the new medium of sourcing quality talent coupled with Certification/background screening


What does it cost you to use Virtual Recruiter


  • CV/Resume distribution is FREE for the Jobseeker


Who are the clients of Virtual Recruiter


  • "Virtual Recruiter" has recruitment agencies and companies as its clients
  • We have done this so that you have the option of getting agencies involved in working for you as well as going directly to the decision makers in companies
  • We recommend a good blend of options between the two, you can phone the agent everyday for updates however it would not be wise to phone a company everyday


Updating your CV/Resume and your distribution options


  • We encourage you to update your CV/Resume and Certification constantly so that the Job Market out there has the most up to date information on you. We do not want you to miss out and the best opportunity for you.
  • We also encourage you to update your distribution options as we are continually bringing new clients on board that you may wish to send your CV/Resume too

"Virtual Recruiter" recommends that you send your CV/Resume to targeted companies thereby increasing your chances of a response